Henry Lee here, multi-million property investors, and main speaker of "Ultimate Investors Guide - Iskandar".

Have you ever wondered how to understand the whole master plan from in just 1 day?

How do we take the shortest time, the least effort, to explore the Hottest Investment Places ?

How do we get the property insider news from local property investors and invest onto it?

I've had the privilege to share my investment journey and experience to hundreds of investors around the Malaysia. During the period, many people have always asked me: 

"Why you invest in Malaysia?"
"Where do you buy your investment property?"
"Can I invest in KL,Penang,Melaka and JB also?"







Here's what Ultimate Investors Guide - Iskandar will cover : 

#2 - Get latest insider information from property investor expert and authority

#3 - Understand latest investment hotspots, what's the area that provide the best rental yield and appreciation

#4 - Get to know property investor point of view of that specific area

#1 - 1 day touring together with property investor experts, explore the most potential investment opportunity

#5 - Expand your investment network

#6 - Full day Q&A, you can ask any questions throughout the journey

Since it's humble beginning in 2012, we have been running our popular Ultimate Investor Tour for our many eager investors from every part of Malaysia, even overseas from Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

We are the FIRST & ONLY tour of Malaysia, created by investors, and meant for investors. Your tour guides will be experienced, successful local investors who know and deliver the info investors need.

Your tour itinerary is also 100% guaranteed to be current & updated, as we refresh our contents every month after consulting with agents, developers, even IRDA government authorities.

The No. 1 Investors Tour For Iskandar 



Greater KL

23 Sep 2017
9am - 6pm

(Gather at Bandar Utama)



7 Oct 2017
9am - 6pm

(Gather at Island)



Oct 2017
9am - 6pm

(Gather at Kota Laksamana)

*One of the weekend in Oct

UIG -Iskandar
(2 Days)

Nov 2017
9am - 8pm

(Gather at Bukit Indah)

*One of the weekend in Nov

Contact Us : 

Contact Number : 016 336 2002
Email Address : thecoreinvestors@coreinvestors.asia